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Adventace Sales Management System

Where Methodology Meets Automation®


The Adventace Sales Management System™ (“SMS”) is our award-winning Salesforce application. It is proven to increase revenues while reducing the cost of sales. SMS accomplishes this by automating your sales and sales management methodology, thus better enabling sellers, sales managers, and sales executives.

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Here’s a Few of the Problems Solved by the Adventace Sales Management System™

“Today we use our CRM as an expensive contact manager & inaccurate forecasting tool.”

“After a huge investment in our CRM, I just get the same bad information more quickly.”

“I can’t tell what really holds a seller back, and then put a plan in place to help their performance.”

“My sellers’ pipelines are still imbalanced.” 

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Your Methodology + Salesforce = Proven Results

Predictive Metrics

  • SMS provides a complete set of metrics that predict future organizational performance
  • Management has the ability to “drill down” to any level of the organization to see where performance challenges exist
  • Enables Management to work proactively to resolve challenges early that otherwise would impact the ability to achieve objectives.

Opportunity Assessment

  • Enable early and accurate assessment of opportunities
  • Identify  gaps and problems 
  • Enable better resource management.

Pipeline Balance and Management

  • Managers need only input key pipeline parameters (usually only annually), and SMS does the rest
  • Calculates a pipeline balance algorithm that helps Sellers not only achieve monthly, quarterly, and annual revenue objectives, but helps them go into new periods with fully balanced pipelines
  • Calculates ideal pipeline by stage, determines gaps, and provides color-coded pipeline by stage so that gaps can quickly be rectified.

Seller Skill Development

  • Provides a complete seller skill development system.
  • Helps Managers quickly grade sellers in 9 key skills based on performance criteria
  • Provides Managers with surgical skill development plan based on the particular needs of a Sales Person.

Empower and Improve Your Entire Sales Organization!



Sales Executives

Using key performance metrics, SMS helps Sales Executives accurately predict future performance at any level of the sales operation to help them take proactive actions today to ensure that objectives are met in the future.


Sales Managers

SMS enables Sales Managers to help their sellers achieve continuous pipeline balance, perform early and effective opportunity assessment, and identify and help their sellers quickly fix skill deficiencies in any of nine skills.


Sales People

For Sales People, SMS turns Salesforce into a competitive differentiator because it helps them generate key buyer deliverables at the right time in the sell cycle. Sales People actually want to use Salesforce!

Take a Tour of the Adventace Sales Management System™

Watch the Video or Request a Demo