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Jean-Benoit Vieyra

Jean Benoit Vieyra

Jean Benoit Vieyra

Investor Relations

Mr. Jean-Benoit Vieyra is an serial entrepreneur, investor, and business advisor with over 10-years of managerial experience leading sales and marketing organization for privately-held B2B and B2C companies in Information Technology, Software, Digital Media, Financial Services,  Telecommunication, Transportation, and Professional Service Industries.

Mr. Vieyra has a career in corporate sales; consistent successes in improving the profitability, performance, and value of companies. His extensive expertise in client needs analysis with a consultative approach to establishing sales objectives enables him to lead effective teams.

Highly knowledgeable in financial management, insurance, business operations, marketing, sales, advertising, business development, raising capital and corporate fundraising initiatives.
Exceptional skills in negotiation, international business, technology systems, and able to forge solid relationships with strategic partners to build consensus across all national geography.


Executive Director and Board Member

Vair Capital Holdings

Vair Capital is a global boutique investment firm dedicated to providing corporate finance, strategic advisory, equity and debt advisory, and related services to public and private companies across multiple sectors and regions, with a particular and demonstrable experience in assisting emerging growth companies in raising capital from Non-U.S. institutional investors.

Vair Capital provides debt and equity private placement, merger and acquisition, and restructuring and recapitalization advisory services. Additionally, the firm offers consulting services focusing on equity and debt markets and strategic alliances.

Chief Investment Officer

RedLeif Investments, Inc.

RedLeif Investments is a global investment firm that utilizes Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI) to execute an arbitrage investment plan. After many years of research, we have developed a unique COLI arbitrage opportunity that often significantly outperforms more traditional investment options. Our mission is to add consistent value for our investors over time and manage risks.


Viss Media

Viss Media is a web service company the specialize in provide online marketing, web development and creative design solution to public and private help companies. Although unique and innovative, the foundation of the business is based on proven business development and marketing campaign strategies that are positioned to support and enhance our clients’ online presence.

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