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We Helped TransUnion “Create a World-Class Sales Organization”

TransUnion Objectives

Although running a very successful business-to-business sales operation, TransUnion executives wanted to create a “world class sales organization”.  To achieve their objective, TransUnion set forth the following objectives:


  • Better leverage their Salesforce.com CRM application, InTouch, which had been used primarily for contact management and forecasting, into a dynamic tool that was integral to the day to day operation.
  • Better drive the sales operation top-down.
  • Align the entire organization around a consistent, well-defined methodology supported by a CRM platform.
  • Provide a well-defined, consistent, accurate set of processes and toolsIntegrate and align critical sales support groups, such as Corporate Marketing and Product Development

Sales Managers

  • Improve their ability to easily identify challenges and difficulties on opportunities and work with their Major Account Executives (MAE’s) to quickly resolve the gaps.
  • Improve pipeline balance and management.
  • Better develop the skills of their MAE’s.
  • Provide the means to better manage their overall sales operation to achieve metric-based performance improvement.

Major Account Executives

  • Improve Account Planning so that MAE’s fully understand the needs of their clients and translate those needs into highly targeted solutions.
  • Develop higher-level, more strategic relationships with their clients.
  • Improve their ability to execute high-level sales calls, and better define, manage, and execute complex sell cycles.

Adventace® Programs

Adventace provided TransUnion with the following components from our metric-driven methodology and the Adventace Sales Management System:

  • Executive Leadership: Optimizing Your Sales Operation™ was provided to help executives proactively drive the operation top-down using critical leading performance metrics.
  • High Performance Sales Management™ was provided to help managers better coach on opportunities, manage pipelines, and develop MAE skills.
  • Visionary Selling™ was provided to the entire sales operation to help MAE’s sell more effectively, and provide a common methodology across the operation.
  • Adventace Sales Management System (SMS) was integrated with InTouch, TransUnion’s Salesforce.com application, to provide the end-to-end sales and sales management platform.

The impact of Adventace Methods™ and Adventace SMS™ has been tremendous. It takes me less than 10 minutes to get a complete, accurate view of my entire region.

Dan Smith

Vice President, Financial Services, TransUnion

Our sales VPs are better able to identify Account Executive development needs through skill analyzer tools. They have a clear view of where their AE’s are challenged and where they may need assistance. The tools provided enable our sales managers to craft focused and more precise development plans.

Carolyn Cronin

Regional Vice President, TransUnion

TransUnion Success


Increase in Average Win Size

Largest Contract ($M)


Increase in Win Rate


Increase in Qualified Opportunities