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To Help Sales Managers and Their Teams Win More Business

Visionary Selling™: The New Strategy for Successful B2B Sales

First there was Solution Selling®. Then came Challenger™. Now there’s Visionary Selling™. Visionary Selling™ recognizes that there are two predominant types of B2B buyer. Each type has very different needs, desires a very different relationship with sales people, and consequently each requires execution of very different sales processes.


How B2B Buyers Buy Today…And What You Need to Do About It!

55% of today’s B2B buyers now buy differently. In this video you will learn why this has occurred, the process these buyers go through, how to align with it, and the two things you need to do to sell effectively to them.

How to Solve the Problem of New Rep Ramp-Up Time (“This is Sales Enablement on Steroids”)

79% of Sales Executives from technology companies say that this is a serious problem. In this video you will learn three steps that are necessary to resolve this issue. And, if you follow them, your organization should anticipate that your sellers will cut the time it takes for them to make their initial sale in half or more.

Increase the Probability of Making Quota by 3X Using Social Selling

Successful use of social selling has become critical.  But if you don’t believe us, here are some mind-blowing statistics:

  • 78% of salespeople using social media perform better than their peers (Forbes)
  • IBM increased their sales by 400% through their inbound social selling program (IBM)
  • 62% of salespeople who do not use social selling miss their quotas (Aberdeen Group)

And it’s easy to do!  Watch this short video to see how.

How to Help Your Team Win >70% More Business with this Simple Email

By not sending this email, event the best sellers lose the opportunity to control their sales cycles. This results in surprise losses, sales cycles that resemble the Bataan Death March, unnecessary losses to the competition, and an inability to achieve quota.  To overcome this, use this simple letter that will help your team empower their buyers, function as an internal selling vehicle, differentiate themselves from competitors, expand the scope of the sale, and shorten the length of sales cycles.

A Skill Development Plan for Negotiating Access to Power

Perhaps the biggest problem confronting sales people is that they call too low…and then stay to low.  This costs the average sales person two days per week, or 40% of their time.  In this video you will learn how to help your sellers become stars at gaining access to power!