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Here are 6 key questions you should ask your sales people early and often:

  1. Have you identified a clear CRITICAL BUSINESS ISSUE driving the need to act?
  2. Have you developed a clear vision of a SOLUTION in the mind of your prospect? With that, can you establish a clear advantage over your competition?
  3. Have you PROVEN to the satisfaction of your prospect that you can provide the capabilities that make up the solution?
  4. Have you gained access to POWER and other members of the buyer’s decision making team?
  5. Does the buyer have a clear sense of the VALUE the solution brings? Does the VALUE meet their ROI requirements?
  6. Have you and the buyer agreed on a clear ACTION PLAN defining the steps leading to a buying decision?

If you are not satisfied with all of the answers then that opportunity is at risk, and I would recommend helping that sales person take the appropriate action(s) to rectify the problem. There are two possible outcomes:

  • If your seller is successful then you will have an opportunity that is back on track.
  • If your seller is not successful, do the math!  In all likelihood you and your sales person should disqualify the opportunity.